Thursday, June 23, 2005

Happy Dance and a Pirate Ship

Finally finished something stitchy (it's been ages), and so must show it off. I love making little tool holder-type things like sewing cases and scissor fobs (which, besides being fun and decorative, keep your small embroidery scissors from sliding down into the depths of your chair or couch and getting lost). Take a look at my newest scissor fob.

The cat, mice and flowers are tiny bits from a much larger chart, and my initial on the other side came from a different chart. The cat is a bit like my senior cat, Bonnie, though the contrast in her coloring is not as sharp as the stitched kitty. Silly, obsessive me intends to have a different fob for each month, and perhaps extras for Halloween and Christmas.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
My grandfather was such a remarkable person, I so dearly wish I'd known him. He was quite the creative guy, and didn't limit his creativity to "male" activities (such as moving the stairway to the second floor from one end of the house to the other ... yes, he really did that!). Example: one morning when my mother was in grade school (her mom was out of town, helping a sick relative, or maybe in the hospital after the birth of another child), she got up to find she had no clean clothes to wear to school. She informed her dad, who told her not to worry and go eat her breakfast. By the time she was done with breakfast and cleaning up, my grandfather had cut out (without benefit of a pattern) and sewn a simple dress! Mom even liked it.

He enjoyed hooking rugs, drawing the design directly on the burlap backing with a crayon or pencil. Some were made with strips of wool fabric, for others he used heavy yarn. My parents had thought all the rugs were gone since there were none in my grandmother's house when she died, but about ten years ago my dad received this after my aunt passed away. So, the last known example of my grandfather's handiwork is this pirate ship - how cool is that?

Gampie's rug


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