Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Happy Dance!

Finally got that baby quilt finished, packed up, and shipped - what a relief!

Yes, I know they are most decidedly *not* baby colors, but that's what happens when you ask the mother about color preferences, and her favorite is hunter green. The background fabric is beige with golden brown speckles. Should have photographed it on a dark background...

I'm convinced most of the reason it took so long to finish is that I wasn't excited about working with beige and muted greens ... or maybe that it was too adult and masculine looking to seem a proper baby quilt. Obviously the solution is (a) next time, don't ask what they want, and (b) work on the next baby quilt now so that all that's needed is a label.

In order to soothe my frustration, however, the current project is finishing Wild Cats Love Tuna - a quilt made for no reason other than I wanted to.


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