Friday, June 25, 2010

Cuteness warning...

House in Erie has this raised planter thing in the back yard:

Plants (and, unfortunately, weeds) in planter are overgrown and need attention, but you can see that the previous owner left us some ... things that turned out to be, uh, decorative geese.

Which just happen to look both bizarre and dead in the photo of the planter (they're the gray and white blobs at the near corner of the planter). *shrugs* When I first began work to remove weeds (including nightshade - bleah!!), I also discovered a small sundial and a moderately beaten up and chipped painted cement skunk, which I immediately reclaimed from the viney weeds and neglected plants and placed on the edge of the planter facing the big window in the dining room.

*adores silly garden ornament*

But look! (*squee*) Somebody else likes the little skunk!


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