Tuesday, March 12, 2013

how to find a cat....

1. Look all over the house.
2. Look all over the house again.
3. Look all over the house, including in places the kitty couldn't possibly have gotten.
4. Stop looking and fret.
(Repeat steps 1 - 4 a minimum of five times)
5. Observe kitty leaving hiding place.

Here's our nifty tv cabinet with doors that slide into the cabinet when opened.

Oh look, a kitty! NB, this is NOT the super duper hiding space.

Now that the door is pulled out, look to the RIGHT of the kitty. Is that, just perhaps, a space tucked in back of where the door goes? Interesting… Now scroll up and look at the first picture again – see that angled part on each side of the tv cabinet? Yup, space, about three inches of room behind the open doors - just enough room for Shadow to get every bit of herself tucked away.

Clever Shadow! You can come out now.


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