Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Garden stuff

In case you’re curious about why have I been having dirt under my fingernails instead of thread snippets on my clothes, here's what we’ve been doing.

Some people rearrange furniture. We tend to leave the furniture be and rearrange plants instead. We have what seem to be good ideas for placement and then later realize hey, these plants would look really fantastic over there!

My parents had lots of flower beds in their yard. Down one side of the back yard were cups-and-saucers plants. I have a very vivid memory of my father dividing these plants when I was a bitty thing – he’d dig up a plant, then chunk through it with his garden spade (ack!).

Dad gave me a handful of these plants when husband and I moved into our first home. For *years* I neglected them, to the point that the cursed vinca planted by the previous owner completely overgrew my beloved plants. But while doing garden cleanup to ready the house for sale, we discovered they’d somehow managed to live through all that. Delighted, I potted up my seven plants and hauled them to Pennsylvania, where I planted them in our new back yard, and they've thrived.

Here they are from this spring – you can see from the leaves that they’re a type of primrose:

When I told my Dad last wee that we were dividing and moving the cups-and-saucers, he told me that my Mom’s father had given my parents the plants for their first garden. Cool, right?

Here’s the space along the front walk after we dug up, divided, and replanted my cups-and-saucers (funny how fresh mulch always looks so different from what's been there a while). After a week or so of settling in, I’ll cut off last fall’s leaves and they’ll look more kempt.


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  1. That sounds like a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the spring :) They are very pretty--have never seen that plant before!