Friday, September 15, 2017

It's fall! (yay!)

It really is - the flowers say so!

These are my fall crocus - what delightful things they are!  In the spring, the bulbs put up wide green leaves which die off at the beginning of summer (and then I cut them back), then at the beginning of fall, these delicate, light purple flowers reach up to let me know cool temperatures are on their way.

I love these flowers - not only are they heirloom flowers, but family heirlooms as well!  My grandfather gave bulbs to my father (in the late 40s) and Dad gave some bulbs to me.  So I not only love that these ethereal flowers are the first sign of fall, but also that my family has enjoyed them for at least three generations.  And the very best thing?  The bulbs multiply!



  1. How wonderful to pass plants on. My Mum has a few plants she has inherited from her Dad and her Aunt. I just have weeds which multiply!

  2. Beautiful....and such a nice history!

  3. What great memories with flowers!
    They are beautiful. I did not know they bloomed in Fall.

  4. Wow! So cool! Do all crocuses do that? I've never seen them do that here.

  5. I never knew that crocuses came up in the fall!! I love that they are a family heirloom. Almost 80 years of beauty from one set, that is amazing! Mary

  6. I love that there is so much family history attached to your pretty flowers, Deb. I am another who had no idea that some crocus bloom in the fall :)