Sunday, October 1, 2017

Birds for m'Lady

Happy October!

Still in a dither about those two large flowers that are supposed to be filled with spiral trellis - have once again ripped out (or rather cut off, since that's the only way I've found to remove this knotted stitch) the bit I'd done.  And since the Lady's dress overlaps the left side flower, I need to make up my mind.

Now I'm thinking satin for the outer petals, spiral trellis for the next ring (in the lighter peach), then a ring of off-white chain filled in with yellow Colonial knots or bullion knots. 

Maybe.  Opinion, anyone?

Have been working on the birds while I'm being indecisive about flowers.  The bodies of the large yellow ones were to be filled with encroaching satin.  Not sure if I did it correctly, but the stitches in the lower rows do go up into the higher ones and it looks different from regular satin stitching so I'm pleased with it.  (you can also see try #3 on the large flower in this picture)

I used darker versions of the called for colors in the tails - the model's birds looked far too pastel for my taste.  I think they need eyes, though - in black.


The two birds in the treetops were to be stitched in a reddish brown, but I decided they ought to be sparrows.


Then there are these guys at the bottom.  Jane stitched them in off white with a dash of red on their bellies, but I'm thinking they might be sparrows as well.


How's your weekend going?  Are you getting some stitching in?



  1. I like the birds bright colored tails. As for the spiral trellis..... that stitch and I don't get along so I will refrain from an opinion but am sure whatever you decide will be lovely. :)

  2. Love those little birds, such pretty colours. I haven't stitched spiral trellis but if you don't enjoy it then try minimise using it!
    I've had a happy afternoon stitching a wee mousie.

  3. Wonderful! Love hearing your thought process on this. I'm afraid I wouldn't be any help opinion-wise. I'm out of practice with all the stitches and what they are. But I love what you're doing!

  4. I would do what is easier for you.
    You need to enjoy stitching it. :)
    Like your changes in the birds, more colorful.

  5. I like that you are making changes and adapting the pattern, yes, the birds need eyes! I started a quick stitch and nearly finished it, fall is a great time for stitching! Mary

  6. So delicate, it looks wonderful! I love the colours and I think tiny eyes would look better.

  7. That's a great project you are stitching on. I think the birds would look nicer with eyes.