Thursday, January 18, 2018

TUSAL January 2018

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As usual lately, all the orts are from Jane Turner. 

The Silly Stitching Calendar (yes, there’s one for 2018) says I had 11 stitching days since last month’s TUSAL check in.  Sounds like an embarrassingly small number till I remember that the December new moon was *before* Christmas and I didn’t even pick up a needle while visiting family were here for the holiday.  The 2017 version of that silly calendar reports that I stitched 171 days – not as often as I’d hoped, but not too bad.

I’m working on Band 12 now – the narrow band under the Lady Band, and an inverted version of Band 10, though with the double running stitch done in dark green.  Will show you progress on the band in a moment, but first I want to show you this motif.

I’ve now stitched that motif ten times, and I don’t think I followed the same path twice!  Certainly that wasn’t planned, it just seemed to go a bit differently each time.  

Here’s Band 12, and you can see that I have only one more of those fussy little yellow and green leaves to fill in.  That’s the last one of those in the entire sampler!  Think I’ll dance a little jig when it’s done.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Your stitching is perfect!
    Oh, almost there!
    Can't wait to see it as a whole.

  2. Love that green band!! Are you using silk? IF so, do you put anything on it like beeswax or thread heaven? I'm not seeing any "fuzzies" in your close ups. I always seem to have that issue. :(

  3. Oh, this band is so pretty! I love those little flowers.

  4. Hi Deb,
    Visiting you from Daffycat’s TUSAL.
    Lovely stitching. Oooh, do you use beeswax?
    Barbara xx

  5. Ah, so so pretty! So exciting that you are reaching the end of motifs and things. Double running is fun -- I love it cause it means you have a way back to where you started from. lol!

  6. Love that green colour so vibrant. As everyone says your stitching looks perfect.

  7. Gosh, that green stitching is so pretty! It made great ORTs!

  8. That's a pretty row. And a happy dance for the end of the green and yellow leaves!

  9. Hello Deb! Lovely orts jar! Good weekend!

  10. Just so impressive--each time I see Jane, I shake my head in amazement, Deb!! Good luck with this latest band :)

  11. Every time I see Jane, I just shake my head in amazement! How beautiful this sampler is--good luck with this latest band.

    And I hope your snow is slowly melting away :)

  12. Hi Deb,

    Such beautiful work and I love the green.
    Many thanks for your kindness in helping Victoria
    Have a great week