Monday, April 16, 2018

TUSAL April 2018

CLICK HERE to go to Sharon’s It’s Daffycat blog to read all about the Totally Useless SAL and discover why I’m posting pictures of leftover thread snippets, otherwise known as orts.    

The Silly Stitching Calendar says I had 25 stitching days since TUSAL check in time last month.  I’m pretty sure that’s a new high count since I’ve joined the TUSAL fun, and I’m certain my March monthly total of stitching days – 28!! – is also a new high - woohooo! 

Once again, Jane Turner has provided all the orts for this check-in.  And yes, that ort pile has a fair amount of the telltale, short-fuzzy-twisted bits that show the frog spent several days in my stitching bag, and required me to rip out the lower right side blue flower.  Twice.  (er … maybe it only counts as once since I ripped out about half of it two different times?  I dunno.)

The bottom center will have an almost-Celtic knot which I was just about ready to start when I decided a long run of stitches with only a few turns was in order and so shifted over to the lower line of that double green ribbon-like bit.  It looked really good to me last night, but seeing the picture, I notice that the diagonal portion at the bottom is different from the one at the top – narrower space between, and it seems like the angle itself is different (how the heck can that be? 45 degrees should be 45 degrees ... right?).

Ugh, why do things like that hide when you’re stitching, but scream out their presence once you take a picture?  Or maybe you don’t have that problem.

Perhaps this new moon will herald real, actual springtime for the northern hemisphere.

Happy stitching,all – thanks for stopping by today!



  1. You know how I love to study photos! Is the right side upper angle down one further than the left? Probably not and it has nothing to do with the narrow space. But I had fun looking.

  2. I think it looks great.
    I don;t see it! lol

  3. The colors n this are so vibrant! Hope the frog takes a 'vacay' the rest of the month and moving forward!

  4. I think Marly may be right! And yes--our mistakes always pop out in photos :) Anyway--looking good, Deb!

  5. I hope that you can send that Frog Prince off on a quest somewhere else but not in my direction, please!

  6. Looking fine although I agree with Marly and easy to put right. Love the colours.

  7. I think it's just the camera angle! I have all sorts of issues with square borders being parallelograms in photos.

  8. Pictures always help me to spot problems. When I block a knitted piece, it helps me see if the piece is laying correctly. Quilting, it helps me spot mistakes. Etc. So it makes sense. I think when you are into whatever it is you're working on, you're very focussed on one little area. It's only when you zoom out to take a pic that you see what's going on in the big picture. Sorry you feel things are not right. I see what you're talking about. Such a pain.

  9. Oh heck! Poor Deb! I hate it when that happens.

    With me, I find that sort of thing happens when I have to stop and then pick up again another day ..... and then I start doing the thing differently because I just don’t realise I’ve changed it in some almost interceptable way!

    But I’m sure it won’t take long to change now you’ve spotted it!

    Hope the frog stays away now!

    Barbara xx

  10. Camera angle? One more stitch down?! Overactive imagination?! I like taking pictures of projects for this very reason haha.

  11. This is a lovely design, I am looking forward to seeing the finished design.


  12. Pretty ORTs even if it's a sorry reason. Two halfs make only one whole of course.
    And for errors only popping out when you take the pictures; check out Muphry's law (Wikipedia - "Further variations" is the relevant section) which does not only work for the written word.