Thursday, June 14, 2018

TUSAL June 2018

CLICK HERE to go to Sharon’s It’s Daffycat blog to read all about the Totally Useless SAL and discover why I’m posting pictures of thread snippets, otherwise known as orts.     

Even though I took pictures on the correct day, I’m late posting this month’s TUSAL – last night I just *had* to stitch rather than crop pictures and type and edit.  The Silly Stitching Calendar says I had 21 stitching days since TUSAL check in.  And all the orts (again) are from working on Jane Turner.

I’ve hit bottom!

See that last blue line, the short one in the center?  That’s the very bottom of Jane!  Here, take a closer look.

It's hard to settle down and stitch, I'm so excited!

To bring you up to date, since my May Ort Report, I’ve finished the wide Montenegrin band …

… and the reprise of the narrow Montenegrin band.

I’ve learned how to do marking cross stitch – a reversible stitch (when done properly, that is) that I believe got its name because it was used to mark the household linens.  The instructions said the stitch can be worked from any of the four sides, but I wanted to insisted on making sure the top of the Xs would ALL go in the same direction - between the top left and bottom right corners (the way my plain vanilla cross stitches do).  I’m going to say that's the reason I’m having difficulty making the letters completely reversible.

Not too bad.  And I'm getting better.  But when you look at the back, it’s pretty clear my stitching would not have been good enough to mark those sheets and things!

Happy stitching, everybody – thanks for visiting today!



  1. (commenting first and marking the "notify me" box so I don't miss what anybody has to say)

  2. I have read the instructions for the reversible stitch in a chart and never could understand it. You seem to be unsinkable regardless of the specialty! The end is near, but I'm sure what's on tap will be just as interesting.

    I did not see the notification box when I had embedded comments. In fact, I couldn't even leave a comment to myself.

  3. YAY!! you're almost there and it looks wonderful!!!

  4. Deb, you are my hero! It is looking absolutely stunning! Also have you been using a frame or hoop?

    1. (hope you see this as Blogger says you're no-reply)

      Thanks so much! Have never been any good with a frame or hoop - I stitch in hand.

  5. Jane is looking fantastic!
    The Montenegrin band looks great.
    Oh, almost done too.
    I bet you can't stop stitching now that the end is in sight!

  6. So beautiful...are you excited to almost be finished...or are you sad you'll be leaving on old friend? Let me know if that commenting first works.

  7. A stunning sampler! And your work is gorgeous!

  8. So exciting that you at the bottom! And it's looking so good! Very cool on the marking cross stitch. The reverse looks pretty good to me! Cant' wait for the finish!

  9. So happy to be able to visit with you tonight Deb. I have been very sick the past two months and I have missed my blogging friends so much. I'm in awe of your sampler...what a big project done perfectly. Love it. Hope you have a great weekend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  10. YAY THE BOTTOM! A marking cross stitch looks to be an interesting way to stitch. G'luck fighting the aaaa-I'm-almost-finished-must-stitch-ALL-the-time bug. ;)

  11. Wow! Wow! Wow! Deb, Jane is so very beautiful.

  12. So excited that the end is in sight, Deb!! We will all be happy dancing with you when you reach that last stitch--it really looks fabulous :)

  13. Jane looks fantastic and you've done so well to reach the bottom, how exciting!
    I think your reversible stitching looks fine too.