Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sewing finish (wheee!)

Once upon a time, there was a chair in a little girl's bedroom. The little girl didn't really *sit* in the chair, but she liked having it there. A stuffed animal was usually on the seat, but when the little girl was sick in bed, her mother would sit in the chair for a while and read. The chair was covered in very soft fabric, fabric that the little girl just barely remembered being curtains in the den.

The little girl grew up and got married and had a little girl of her own, and the chair stayed in her room. But the fabric (that used to be curtains) became old and tired and tattered, and no longer looked nice and the chair was used to hold extra blankets and pillows. Then one day, the little-girl-all-grown-up decided she'd try to make the chair new again.

Chair "evolution":

chair "before" - with tired and tattered, used-to-be-curtains cover ... pretty bad, huh?

chair "during" - after removing old cover (alternately, this could be "way before" as it's sort of what the chair must have looked like when it was new ... but - as discovered when buttons were removed - the chair was NOT originally beigey-gray, but a light medium blue. who'd a thunk?)

chair "after" - with pretty new cover (complete with fabric-covered buttons) YAY!

And because I seem to be on a physical, tactile journal kick, I used a bit of leftover fabric and some pretty trim and turned this old calendar/planner cover (hey, it was going to be thrown out at work - I grabbed it) into a refillable journal. It holds a standard marble cover composition notebook. Yeah, the planner cover is fake leather, but it still feels nice.


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