Friday, July 24, 2009

a few more yard pics

Yay, I finished a big yardwork … thing. This is *huge* for me because I completely suck at doing yard stuff in the summer, probably because I'm no good in the heat. Showed you in-progress pics a couple weeks ago, and some of you have heard about my adventures digging up flagstones hiding under the grass (previous owner put them in as a path to the old shed eons ago - the grass had grown over most of them long before we bought the house).

The "briar patch" is the back right corner of the yard where the old shed used to be. We never figured out how to remove the concrete slab the shed had stood on, but apparently forsythia (which you just can barely see, hiding behind the crape myrtle on the right side) will grow in only an inch or two of dirt - amazing!

Here's the little path made with those reclaimed flagstones. Now there's no skinny strip of grass between the corner and the tree - yay!

View from the other side, where you can see the brown-eyed Susans starting to pop.

And lookie - flowers! I love these tall phlox - will someone please tell me why I didn't get a dozen or so? *headdesk*


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