Monday, December 21, 2009

wheeee - snow!!!

Not just snow, but December snow, a true rarity around here these days. It snowed overnight Friday (I had to start shoveling the mouth of the driveway to find the newspaper Saturday morning), then all day Saturday, and it was just gorgeous. With the temperatures forecast for the next few days, there's a good chance it will stay and we'll have a white Christmas, and that makes me ridiculously happy! (Why yes, apparently I *am* still a child.) So of course I have to share some pictures.

Here's my Sunday morning winter wonderland.

Lookie - eighteen inches!

Invariably, the day after it snows here we have crystal blue skies and bright sun - great for pictures. Here's my front door.

How thick is the snow on top of those bushes? Here's a closeup.

My beloved red maple tree, and a view up the street in the background.

And looking across the front yard and down the street, you can almost see the closest intersection (sorry - weeping cherry tree's in the way), complete with abandoned car a few feet outside it.

No garage, so the cars were buried. My son taught me something about snow and ice and cars. Wish I'd known that windshield wiper trick earlier - I wouldn't have ruined nearly so many wiper blades. Driveway has only about six inches of snow on it here because son had shoveled it Saturday afternoon.

My car, cowering on the patio behind husband's Subaru.

Shovel the driveway, clear off the car, shovel the driveway again.

Venturing into the back yard... The wispy stuff poking out of the snow on the right is the zebra grass, which I won't cut back till spring.

Appreciate these, okay? I was standing knee-deep in snow to take them, and my boots don't come up nearly that high!

Zebra grass again, which may just be the coolest plant we have.


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