Tuesday, December 22, 2009

deck the halls....

In the time-honored tradition of if Susie jumped off a cliff, would you go do it too? I'm sharing a few pictures of my Christmas tree and favorite ornaments.

So, Christmassy things:

Tree (duh). I really have no idea why we always put it in front of a bookcase instead of by the window...

And a few favorite ornaments. The Santa bell was my very favorite ornament as a child. After I was grown up and married, my mother gave it to me for my tree. I love the little netting angels - this one's "new" (gotta love ebay), but very much like ones on the trees my parents had.

The summer of the year I was 11, my mother decided to make a wall hanging of the three wise men. She got the idea from an ad on the inside back cover of her McCall's Needlework magazine (anybody else remember when it was really large, bigger than the original Life magazine?) where some company was selling Christmas needlework kits. Mom made the hanging from felt and used bits of old earrings, bracelets and pins for the majis' jewels, and watching her work, I really wanted to make something myself. She had me look through her stack of Needlework magazines for ideas, and I found a picture of a different kit (it was probably on the same page as her wise men hanging), one with four little stockings each holding a different animal. Over the next few days, I snipped and embroidered and sewed and embellished, and made a little stocking kitty to go on the tree. Oh, I was so very proud - I was sure it looked exactly like the tiny little picture in the magazine. You know what? Forty years later, I'm still happy with how it turned out. :)

I made the little angel when my kids were small, the same year I made a Waldorf school-style doll for my daughter, but the lamb's the reason for including this picture. When I was little, there was a story in my sister's Christmas Golden Book about a Christmas Tree Lamb. Loved the story ... decided that when I was big enough to have my own tree, it would have a Christmas Tree Lamb. Found this cute little guy in a gift shop shortly after I got married, and just a couple years ago I was able to locate a copy of the story.


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