Saturday, February 6, 2010

omg, snow! snow, snow, snow!!

We've had two snows this week - wheeeee! Yes, I know that'll make some of you just *yawn* but we often don't get two decent snows in an entire winter. Everything looked so beautiful on Wednesday morning, it was a magical feeling, and so I grabbed a bunch of pictures before running off to work - I figured the monster storm predicted for the weekend would end up being nothing, the way they so often do around here.

Big, wonderful weeping cherry (I *love* this tree) in my front yard.

Looking up into the branches of the cherry tree.

Red maple that overhangs the driveway. This is looking to the left out my front door.

Back fence neighbor's hemlock - you'll see this again.

And now for what has been dubbed Snowmageddon. I was shocked that any number of places decided on Thursday afternoon that they'd shut down for Friday. It started snowing yesterday morning, a little before 10, and didn't stop until shortly after 5 this evening.

Chain link fence between our yard and next door - I think it's really neat that all the links are filled with snow!

This is the back section I worked on so much this past summer, with the flagstone path between the tree and the plants and bushes in the corner.

Remember that hemlock? It had dropped Wednesday's coat before this storm started.

Center of the back yard. The lump to the right of the tree is my monster zebra grass, the things on the left are butterfly bushes that stood about eight feet high. I knocked snow off them last night, but they seem quite resilient so they stayed bent over today.

My car's under that!

More back yard. I wanted to take pictures in the front, but there was nothing to give them any scale (and no, I wasn't about to pose beside my snowbank).

Detail from previous picture. The arch above the arrow is only about half an inch wide - snow piled on one raspberry cane until it met the cane above it.

That's a standard garbage can but the lid is inverted.

And just how much snow is out there?


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