Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home improvement is like archaeology

There's quite a bit of fixing up to do around this house before we can think about selling it (and selling it is, of course, rather important to moving). Don't get me wrong, we've already done quite a bit - we've refinished bedroom floors, painted outside trim and brickwork (why, oh why did previous owners decide the beautiful bricks needed to be painted in the first place?), worked on getting the lawn to be decent grass... But several remaining things feel like gigantic mountains hovering over our heads.

Anyway, one thing we wanted to do when we bought the house years and years ago (waaaay back before kids) was to fix up the upstairs bathroom, but we always put it off. So yeah, now that we want to leave, we're actually doing something about it. Bathroom has had tile-look paneling and original (early 60's) under-sink cabinet. We finally realized the paneling had to be replaced to go with the new cabinet we're going to put in. Gee, I wonder what the bathroom looked like before they put that stuff up?

Out with the old!

You can see the old tile paneling around the hole where the medicine cabinet used to be. The black squiggles on the yellow wall are from the panel adhesive.

See how the wall over the tub isn't yellow? Hmmm... I wonder why. First I figured out the other two walls had been wallpapered, then in a tiny little space next to the door molding, I found a scrap of the paper. Foil. Shiny, silver foil with a skinny white stripe (blech!).

We'll be putting up new tile-look paneling - bright white this time - because repairing the walls to paint was just too much. We cut the first piece today.


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