Sunday, November 14, 2010

The sewing machine goes whrrrrrr whrrrrrrr whrrrrrrr....

Have made some progress my new quilt, which really means I've finished sewing all the bits I had pinned together, bringing me one little step closer. One thing I love about making quilts is that each "step" is bigger - first you take baby steps by sewing little bits together, then slightly bigger ones, and after a few more times through your bits have become blocks, and then you're taking giant steps, sewing rows together.

Now I get to cut 'em all apart. Then press. Then set them up for the next step...


But I have finished some things! Last Sunday, I started cutting out pieces to make journal covers as Christmas gifts for three friends and last evening I finished the third one - yay! I'm a bit afraid to put all the detail pics in my album, but here's a group shot.


Detail of inside front cover - the charms say "dream" "explore" "discover":


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