Sunday, March 20, 2011

We really do finish stuff...

Feels like ages ago that I posted about redoing the upstairs bathroom. It's been almost finished for a couple of months, but I'm just now getting around to shifting pictures from camera to computer to Photobucket. *sigh*

Tile-look paneling went up on the right side wall first (the one you can't see in any of the pics), and then the piece on the wall behind the toilet - and that was *exciting* because of how much we had to bend the paneling to get it to go in there. We had to temporarily put a mirror on wall because daughter came home from college for several days in the middle of this – nice frame, huh? (in case you can't tell from the picture, the mirror's still in cardboard packaging) ;)

Any of you who have done home improvement stuff know how much work goes into things that don't show. The wall switch/outlet box had been not only cockeyed, but also wobbly since we first moved in. Husband spent probably a day and a half making it right, but now it's straight and it doesn't wiggle when I plug in my hair dryer! *twirls*

Okay, time to take a deep breath and remove the old sink and vanity. Husband and daughter got so excited about carting out the old bits that I barely had time to take a couple pictures.

Couldn't resist including this pic. It sure takes a lot of stuff to redo a bathroom!

Before putting in the new cabinet, we had to make it fit - aaaieee! It was No Fun At All to carefullycarefully walk that cabinet (which barely fit through the door) and then the sink/counter top into the bathroom and back out several times so we could figure out what to cut and what to shim. I was so afraid the top was going to slip out of my hands, hit the floor and shatter. And I don't even want to think about test fitting that big mirror! *shudders*

But we finally got shims and such attached, anchored the vanity to the wall and installed and sealed the sink/counter (yay!!). We had a plumber come in to hook up the sink – because plumbing is often one of those mysterious, magical things...

AND we put up the wall cabinet! Little bits still to do, like repairing a couple of places where the grout is damaged and replacing the toilet seat, but WOOHOO - new bathroom!

Next on the list: the family room floor....


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