Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family room floor

Floors, ugh. I am really tired of thinking about floors and what to do to make them really nice. I want to go back to just walking on them! First it was the bedrooms (we refinished the hardwood floors) and then the upstairs hall, (pulled up the runner, refinished, put runner back), the stairs (refinished), and we had planned to have an installer come in and put new flooring down in the family room, but they took one look at the in-place floor and bailed.

So, like the little red hen, we did it ourselves.

This is the best I've got as a before picture. Under the really beat-up carpet, the ugly floor tiles are old enough that they contain asbestos (hey, the house was built in 1962), which is why the installer bailed.

Pergo to the rescue! But (*bites nails*) we've never done that before. Oh well, learn by doing, right? The black stuff is plastic vapor barrier needed because, while there's basement under the rest of the house, the family room is on a concrete slab.

Hey, this stuff's not half bad. (In case you're wondering, the blue dots near the baseboard are bits of masking tape marking the studs so we can nail the quarter-round trim in place later.)

Need to put down vapor barrier over the rest of the floor...

That was the first weekend - almost to the sliding glass door and the trim there meant a bunch of slow and fussy work, including gluing and weighting (I *knew* that weight set we bought would come in handy some day).

In front of the "not-orange" closet (when we bought the house, the inside was - you probably won't believe me, but I'm not making this up - the color of an orange Crayola crayon, so for 20 years, we called it the orange closet Now that we've painted the inside white, it's [*shrug*] not orange).

Wow, even the coat closet looks good!


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