Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I think I'm tired of do-it-yourself-y stuff

More floor - ack!

The front entryway had textured, dusty-green floor tiles. Surely, previous owners picked them out very carefully to go with the god-awful, dusty-green carpeting they'd put in the living room, up the stairs, and in the upstairs hallway (when we first looked at the house, I remember thinking that carpet had to go!). While the hated green carpet is long gone, we'd never done anything about the tiles.

As usual, I fail at the concept of "before" pictures. *headdesk* ETA: Before! Bonnie is showing you before!

I'm quite proud of how the entryway came out - I did the tiles, husband did the trim work. We started by putting new subflooring down - quarter-inch plywood over the existing floor.

*measure, measure, measure ... deep breath* Okay, time to peel and stick. Cut. And measure some more, and cut, and ... hey, it's done!

Gap between entryway and Pergo flooring in family room (you can see the edge of the concrete slab under the family room and a smidge of that green tile we were covering up).

And here's the threshold husband made from a piece of oak. It involved quite a bit of extremely fussy cutting and trimming but came out just right - it makes the height transition smoothly and matches the color of the family room floor perfectly.

Then, on to the kitchen.

We decided there were too many things to fuss with in the kitchen - lots of corners, and then there are the stove and dishwasher where the flooring ought to go under the front. Oh yeah, and the fridge is a heavy bugger. Anyhow, we asked a carpenter I know from work (the school where I work is being renovated - gutted and new insides built) to put in the new kitchen flooring over the old, beat up (la-la-la-)linoleum. He did the Pergo, we did all the trim removal/repair/repainting and reinstallation.

Before (or nearly so - at least you can see the old floor)

During. Fridge in the dining room! (geez, I really need to get rid of some of those magnets...)

Finished!! You can't see details too well in the picture, but the new flooring looks like stone tiles.


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