Friday, August 12, 2016

Sewing box

Uh oh… looks like somebody else thinks my little carrier box is a useful thing.

Now that I’ve *ahem* reclaimed it, I’m auditioning lining fabrics. Haven’t quite decided whether I’m going to line the sides or not, though I could always do the bottom now and the sides later if it turns out they really need to be covered.

I’ve narrowed the choices down four fabrics. My first inclination was to use a rich, deep red, but it sort of disappears when I audition it in the box (the red is considerably darker than it appears in the picture, not sure why it looks so light in every shot I take). The two blues are from the Smithsonian quilt reproduction set from years ago and I’ve used the lighter one once before to line my Merry Cox Where Thy Heart Belongs Shaker box. The rich green would match a sewing case I made a couple years ago – a needlework “small” that I actually use! I have enough fabric of all except the lighter blue to line both the bottom and the sides.

I’m leaning toward the darker blue or the green – what do you think?



  1. I like the green, it just "fits" all of them are pretty. It's a cute little sewing box :) Happy Stitching! C's Cross Stitch Creations ~ aka East Coast Stitcher

  2. I have a problem seeing items on larger prints, but I'm old! All are great choices.

  3. I like the green myself, especially if you have a matching sewing case already.

  4. The green! I like all my smells to match (although in reality mine don't).

  5. I tend to like the green with the wood tone in the carrier--and I'm not a lover of green so definitely strikes my eye as perfect.