Sunday, August 7, 2016

TUSAL - August 2016

I usually “flunk out” of SALs, but this one’s manageable! Explanation is here.

I keep plastic 35mm film canisters (omg, film? what's that?) in my stitching bags as ort receptacles. My orts through August 2:

Jane Turner’s orts are separate so I can have thread snippets from the entire sampler all together – I’m keeping them in a pretty little jar (yes, I am silly).

Jane is complete through Band 6 (yay!):

“Other” is currently a Christmas ornie. Stitched this back in 2003 for an exchange and have been meaning to make one for myself ever since.

Unfortunately, when I picked it up again the other day, I realized that my wonderful stitching light is an absolute necessity for stitching over one, even on 28 count – had to frog the entirety of what I’d done a few days earlier (sigh). Here’s the completed one from that old exchange:



  1. Good use for old film canisters. I have saved a lot of them ;)

    1. I still have quite a few too - they come in handy for all sorts of stuff.

  2. Hi Deb, beautiful blog! I'm so glad that you joined Daffycat's TUSAL...your ORT film canisters are awesome! What a fab idea :-)
    Jane Turner is gorgeous, and your Christmas ornie is amazing...1x1 on dark blue! You are my new hero!

    1. Thanks, Karyn! Not sure the ornie I'm making for myself is going to turn out quite as well as the one I did years ago, LOL.

      I'm loving stitching Jane (even though she still scares me!).

  3. Film canisters! There's a blast from the past! Great way to use them though.
    Jane Turner is gorgeous, I've read through some of your older posts. She really liked to make work for herself!
    The ornie is lovely too. I really like blue and white for a Christmas theme. I do stitch over one regularly, I just look over the top of my glasses to do it!

  4. Oh--Jane Turner is in my stash, too--maybe when I retire and can really focus on her . . .

  5. Oooh, your Jane is looking splendid!! I have her as a WIP and I must dig her back out soon...