Saturday, September 3, 2016

TUSAL – September 2016

If you’re asking what TUSAL means, you can find the explanation HERE.

A goodly pile of orts but very little stitching accomplished this month – I had a whole knot of frogs come to live in my stitching bag. (Seriously, knot is one of the correct collective nouns for frogs – how appropriate! For the curious, the others I was able to find are “army” and “colony” which both seem rather dull.)

Finished the peace dove (which I grumbled about in my previous post), no thanks to all those pesky frogs.

Poor, neglected Jane Turner – got back to her before the first of the month but only for a few minutes, not even enough to generate a single ort. Tonight, hopefully…


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  1. Beautiful and hopefully the Frog stays away! happy Stitching! ~C's Cross Stitch Creations ~