Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sewing box … er, tray

Well, whichever it is, it’s finished and ready to use!

The other day I gathered everything I needed (which involved much running around the house to find weights and appropriately sized pieces of wood), then measured and cut and trimmed and glued and stitched and glued and weighted … and then waited.


When we talked about selecting the lining fabric for the box, I mentioned the green would match the needlecase that I really use, so I thought you might like to see it. This is another of those things I’ve made twice; the original for Sarah in the UK in a fall freebie exchange. Couldn’t make up my mind between two designs so incorporated both into a single item. There are felted wool needlepages and a double pocket in the back – one open section and another pocket with a flap secured by Velcro. Here's the original:

Had wanted to add another row of leaves below the flowers on the sampler but didn’t remember about making the change till after the boundary border and spine had been stitched (sigh). Having the size fixed rather limited what could be altered but I like the way it worked out. I also wanted a couple of smaller tool pockets in the back so that required a bit of redesign also. Of course adding more needle pages was a piece of cake.

The needlebook normally lives in my sewing basket on the dresser, but we can look at that another day. The sampler is stitched in DMC with the border/spine/frame in GAST. The squirrel and the leaves on his tree are stitched in GAST and Weeks.

The back has a little poem I wrote plus a scattering of acorns.

So here's the sewing box tray thing, all ready to get going on a mending project. Now where'd I put that bias tape...?



  1. Gorgeous needlebook and sewing tray!

  2. Your box is delightful! I hope you spend many happy hours using it!

  3. Love the lining in the tray--REALLY love the needlebook!

  4. I love everything about this, the needlebook, the acorns and the green fabric. Much envy here...beautiful!

  5. Just love that needlebook and the cute squirrel :)