Saturday, November 12, 2016

Jane's growing!

Rather than blogging every day this month (which I might be able to keep up for, oh, three or four days), I thought I’d try to stitch every day. May not sound like much to some of you, but normally I feel lucky to pick up my needle more than twice in a week.

Through the 11th, I’ve been able to stitch eight times (wheee!). Didn’t even think of the camera till the last three evenings, which is typical of me. If you’ve looked at more than one of my Harry Homeowner posts, you know I usually think about “before” shots when we’re in the middle of a project. Sigh.

Since the start of November, I’ve been working on Band 8 - the first of the really wide (uh, tall?) bands of Jane Turner. I am totally loving it! I’m delighted how the Holbein stitch seems to fly along compared to the various filling stitches Jane used.

Oh, and yes - for any of you who have worked on Jane or have her in your stash, I cheated on those two sprigs beside the dark green twisted/intertwined part in the center. Rather than making one dark green and the other medium green, you can see I stitched them both in the dark green. Ah, I do love symmetry. It was already an adaptation rather than a reproduction as I've changed a couple of the colors slightly so that the "peach" would be visible against the fabric.

After November 9:

After November 10:

When I finished last night:

When I was selecting and cropping photos for this post, I noticed something cool. You might remember how I’ve said the spiral trellis flower centers puff up? (Though they're really placed more like rose hips, aren't they?) Anyway, because of the way the linen was draped across my lap, you can really SEE how poofy they are.

You can see it’s raised in the straight-on shot.

Edge-on, you can really see the height.

What are you working on this weekend?



  1. Jane is really coming along beautifully--those puffy flowers are so pretty! I think your idea of stitching every day makes much more sense than posting every day :)

  2. Great progress on Jane, I love the 3D effect of some of the stitches.
    I stitch every single day, even if it's only 30 minutes while my son is in the bath and I'm watching over him!