Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ah, that’s better

Thank you all for the suggestions and comments regarding my cry for help (previous post)!

Obviously the whole how-should-I-do-this thing was occupying a goodly amount of brain space because it even showed up in a dream. My dream self must have far more stitching time that I do, and was unrolling a really looooonnng piece of linen about 18 inches wide upon which was stitched sampler after sampler, and as I was unrolling the thought in my dream head was well, I knew what to do then.

In my dreams .....

In real life, I first tried safety pins to corral the rolled up top (and also the yet-to-be-stitched-upon bottom) linen, but pinning and unpinning can be unwieldy and I have a track record for sticking myself – don’t want to bleed on Jane!

Finally remembered a little tool I’d gotten to use when sewing on quilt binding – at approximately the same time Margaret was emailing me to suggest trying them! (Thanks again, Margaret!)

Ta dah!

Not only do they hold the linen securely, they’re easy to put on and to reposition.

Somewhere in my meanderings around the web, I saw a sampler in process with one side rolled up and held by a clip that looked like a pair of hands (or maybe gloves). Looked like it was made of brass, I think. Can I find it now to show you? Of course not and I’m sorry about that cause it looked like such a neat thing.

Have had several good stitching days recently and have gotten most of the satin stitching in band 8 finished.

Next step: spiral trellis bumps.



  1. Yes those clips are wonderful. I have some right now holding a heart closed after I added glue. The really large ones for quilts are always sold out at HL but I will check again tomorrow. Don't need them, want them.

  2. Glad you found a solution that works.
    I'm enjoying watching your progress on this piece.

  3. Gorgeous!!!! Love seeing this piece progress. Sigh. Hooray on the clips too! Those things are so handy for everything!!

  4. So glad that you found a solution!
    It really is a gorgeous piece.