Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy dance, and other stories

Jane Turner band 11, aka the Lady Band, is complete - woohoo!!  We’ve been expending most of our energy doing various snow moving things, but I was able to stitch a bit last night, completing the filling-in of Lady Jane’s face and neck and giving her eyes and a mouth.  The mouth is my addition - can you believe Jane didn’t give her lady a mouth?  Strange!

And then I spent some time checking the chart and instructions just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything (I hadn’t - yay).  Wanna see?

Now, back in early January when everyone was making their stitching plans for the year, I had hoped to have Jane finished in 2017.  Ha!  Still, it feels like the end is in sight now.  All that's remaining to stitch are three narrow bands, one wide band, and then the alphabet and Jane’s signature line, so I think an actual finish in the new year should be possible.  Here’s how she looks at this point.

So what are those other stories, and what else is going on?  Well, after the Great Christmas Snow, on Friday and Saturday we got more – we figure about 12 to 14 inches of new stuff fell overnight and through the day yesterday.  So we’ve been shoveling.

Oh, not the driveway – around here if one doesn’t have a snowblower, it’s wise to have an arrangement with a plow guy.  We’ve been shoveling the roof!

And today I was able to start knocking the snow off our arborvitae in the back yard, which turned out to be one of those easier-said-than-done things.  Just like everything else right now, there is a huge amount of snow on those trees.

Here’s a view of my snow knocker (an eight foot piece of 2 x 2) and a better look at what I was using it on.

Odd selfie.  My feet are down there somewhere!  Not sure you can tell very well from the picture, but that snow is up to the middle of my thighs (and my legs are not short).

I got all the way down the side to the corner.  Hope to do across the back tomorrow.

Today’s newspaper reported that this is already the ninth snowiest winter in Erie since they started keeping records.  Oh, our forecast for the next 36 hours?  Tonight, 1 to 3 inches; tomorrow, 3 to 5 inches; tomorrow night, 2 to 4 inches.

Stay warm and safe.  Happy new year!



  1. Are you trying to distract from your Lady band finish? lolol! OMG! So much snow! We've had snows over time add up so that we had to shovel off the roof, but not in such a short time. That's just nuts. And trying to clean off your bushes too -- wow! So much snow!!!

    Anyway, your band finish is just gorgeous! Congratulations! Here I thought when you finished this band you'd be done. lol! Well you're almost there!!! Can't wait to see more.

    With the amount of snow you've gotten, these future snowfalls must seem piddling to you. lol! But still -- enough already! Hope the predictions are wrong and you don't get anymore snow. Happy New Year!

  2. Jane looks better with a smile. :)
    This is an amazing piece.
    Whoa, that's way too much snow!
    Yes, it's important to clean the roof too.
    Happy New year!!

  3. Oh my, such a lot of snow. But I know these amounts of snow, we sometimes have the same but fortunately not each winter.
    Great stitching on this awesome sampler.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Jane is just spectacular. Each area has its own interest but that last band is stunning.

    Like trying to look away from an accident, it was hard to ignore the snow photos. I will have nightmares tonight and hope that it stays north of me. It always makes me so sad thinking about the strays and wildlife that will perish.

  5. Aaaaa all that snow! I love snow but I would have to admit after the the first few days of "ooh and ahh" I'd be ready for it to move on haha. But if you're in Erie, you're getting the lake-effect stuff that will attempt to bury you until spring? You must never run out of snow ice cream! Those icicles are nice too, but scary to think of all that weight.

    Your band finish is spectacular, yay! I wonder why she didn't have a mouth? Maybe ladies didn't talk back then hah.

  6. OMG...that's a lot of snow!!! When we were in WV, we had two years with snows in the 40+" range, so I feel your pain!! I hope you are able to stay in the warmth of your home for as long as possible.
    Jane is spectacular!!!

  7. Jane looks wonderful, well worth all the time she took to get her just right. The end is in sight too, somewhere under all that snow!

    Last time we had snow like that was when I was 2 and we lived in Yorkshire. We were about to emigrate and had to be dug out to leave the army camp where we lived!

  8. Wow! Wow! Wow! On both the snow and your gorgeous sampler. I sure hope the snow has let up by now, Deb--I can't imagine. And it's hard to believe that even though I am just two hours south of you, I have only about 4 inches of the white stuff!

    Now to Jane--amazing in every sense... the colors, the stitches! Just so lovely and I'm so happy that the end is in sight for you :)

    Wishing you and your family every happiness in this new year~

  9. Oh my, so much snow! Be careful out there, stay safe and warm, working on your wonderful Jane!

  10. Holy cow! That's a lot of snow.

    Congrats on your finish. What a great way to end the year. It turned out beautiful.

  11. Lady Jane is looking amazing already, it's going to look spectacular when it's finished. I've never seen snow like that, we barely get any here in the UK :)