Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jane Turner's blue flowers

This month I have s-l-o-w-l-y been working on the satin stitching in Jane Turner band 7, a narrow band of alternating blue and peach colored flowers. The leaves and peach flowers were quick to fill in but when I started the first blue flower, I got stuck.

The instructions say to fill those flowers in with satin stitch in light blue, and the detail given is the satin stitch areas meet in the center of each petal. Nothing about the angle of these satin stitches.

The small petals were easy as the angle for the stitches seemed obvious, but I got stuck on the large bottom petal. I looked carefully at all the Jane Turner progress pictures I could find from other stitchers but couldn’t find any photos of this particular band. I peered at the picture that came with the kit, but there’s not enough clear detail to be sure.

What to do, what to do?

This is what the flowers look like.

Do I fill in that bottom petal with the stitches like a V? Like an uncrossed capital A?

Like this?

Or this?

The lady or the tiger? Ah, inspiration! The flowers look sort of like an iris. Don’t they? Yes, I think so (after looking at several Google image search results).

Ah, Madam Extreme Ditherer has come to a decision! I will fill those petals with stitches angled like uncrossed capital “A”s.

Yes, that must be right, must be the way Jane herself stitched them and so must be the way the reproduction is meant to be stitched.

What’s that you say? The same flower, colored a bit differently, appears in the band with the lady? Oh! Thanks to stitchingwithkittens, I have an excellent picture of that band, which she says is from the reproduction from The Essamplaire. Let’s take a good look, shall we?

Uh oh.

So much for my deductive reasoning.

Oh well, even with that clear evidence, I’m comfortable with my decision to have the angle be an uncrossed A rather than a V, and will be blithely stitching away in my chosen direction this weekend.


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