Sunday, January 8, 2017

Harley and friends

This is Harley, so named for the enormously loud purr she had as a kitten (yes, like a motorcycle … okay, so her name’s not very original). She still has a lovely purr but somehow it’s not nearly so loud now that she’s grown up.

Harl loves to watch the outdoor visitors, but she has been an indoor cat all her life and is happy to be where it’s warm and dry. When there’s lots of outdoor activity, she races from window to window to window trying not to miss anything.

The perfect winter spot for her to both watch outside and stay toasty is right beside the front door where she can sit on the heat register as she gazes out the window.

Lakota likes that there’s a window on each side of the door.

Sometimes everyone’s on the same schedule.

But she missed her visitor the other day. The size of the prints suggests this was one of the large squirrels (unlike where I grew up, there are two sizes of squirrel here – one barely larger than the chipmunks and then the seriously big guys).

The prints went close to the window on one side of the door, then crossed the doormat and went right up to the other window before scampering away. Maybe next time, Harl…



  1. My Mia is an indoor cat too. She does the same -- rushing from window to window. lol! Love the pic of your cats, one on each side of the door. So cute!

  2. Love the guard cats! I can imagine how they look in each window from outside.

  3. Such cute kitties! I sure miss having my (very large) all-black cat around. The vet always said he could double as a panther in the next horror movie :) Did you build those little boxes so they could lie there and peek outside? So cute!

  4. OMGoodness, so precious! Their window seats are perfect.