Monday, January 2, 2017

Plans? Good intentions? More like pipe dreams…

So if all your friends jumped off a cliff…. Did you hear that one a lot when you were a kid? I sure did. But in this case, I don’t think following the crowd is at all harmful. ;)

Stitchy plans/hopes for 2017:

Finish Jane Turner. This is seriously ambitious for me since I’ve already been working on her for over a year, but if I can manage to stitch at least two or three times a week, maybe I’ve got a shot at it.

Now, since I decided to treat each band (or pair of smaller bands, if they go smoothly) as a finish, what to stitch in between?

Here’s what's kitted up and in my other stitching bag.

Left to right, top to bottom, these are:

1. Welcome Berry Basket (Catherine Theron)
2. Maidens of the Sea (With My Needle)
3. Snowman Ornament from 2000 (Homespun Elegance)
4. Wildflower Hearts (Caron Collection freebie)
5. Celtic Jewel bookmark (Textile Heritage … I think – set aside ages ago)
6. Acorn Sampler Sewing Case (With My Needle)
7. Needleworker (Little House Needleworks)
8. Sampler Pincushion from 1995 (Tidewater Sampler Guild)
9. Shaker Village ornament (Little House Needleworks)
10. Pincushion companion to Castleton Sampler (Earth Threads)
11. Faith ornament (Little House Needleworks)
12. 1840 Town House Sampler (Catherine Theron)

Rotations have never really worked for me, but I’m thinking I’ll start either Needleworker or the 1840 Town House Sampler ... or maybe one of the LHN ornies, and working for a week or two when I finish the current large band on Jane.

I’d also like to give myself several finishing days to take care of the stack of stitched ornaments, and maybe even the (second) Merry Cox sampler sewing case. Really don’t want to admit how long some of these have been waiting…

(not this one – the *other* one [from the Spirit of Cross Stitch video] that’s the same style, which I couldn't find a picture of)

And what’s next when Jane is complete? First, something relatively simple, perhaps Mary Goodburn from the Examplarery, which my wonderful husband surprised me with at Christmas. Aren't the colors bright and fun?

… and then probably one of the Scarlet Letter’s Balch School reproductions, Betsy Davis or Betsy Manchester. Both are in the stash and ready to go - anyone have thoughts on which one’s better to do first?

Happy stitching in 2017, all!



  1. I commented on your last post, added you to my blog reader, and then this post popped up. lol! Oh this is lovely! I love seeing everything you are planning! You're my kind of stitcher!

  2. I can't plan. Heck, I don't follow the next day's tasks. Mostly because I forget or lose my notes. Can't help you on the Betsy choice. Love the stitcher's case and never heard of that Spirit video. Mary Goodburn. I knew there was a chart from them that I wanted. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. You have so many wonderful things going on. I fell in love with Mary Goodburn. I would probably start with her. But that's just because she spoke to me!

  4. I really admire all of you who can plan ahead like you do, Deb! I just can't seem to do that... I love the things that you'll be working on in 2017 and can't wait to see all of those cute ornaments finished up :)

  5. I love your list! And I have a particular fondness for Betsy Davis, but I want to stitch both of the Betsys--so maybe the best thing is to close your eyes and point!