Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Snakes are done

I know that sounds a bit odd - I promise I'm not cooking them! That’s what the S-shaped motifs are called in the stitching instructions. Am I being thick and “snake” is the accepted designation for this shape on old samplers?

Anyway, the snakes are all filled in, and they were the last places where I had to work trellis stitch on this band. I was really worried as the shape was rather skinny and the instructions call for two rows in each of three colors where it felt like there was room for maybe three rows total, but was able to make them tiny enough to fit. It’s funny – looking at them and comparing the two, I thought one looked far better than the other, but seeing the picture I'm not so sure. What do you all think?

The sort of barber pole thing at the bottom turned out fairly well, though I’m not completely happy with how the blue looks a bit wonky.

But the trellis is done (yay!).

Frustrating thing about trellis: it’s a knotted stitch, so is basically impossible to frog. At one point I took out the two stitches I’d just done and nearly ruined the thread, which would have meant snipping out the entire row – this is not a forgiving stitch. Thank goodness for the little blue box of Stitch Heaven!

All of band 8 so far:

My doodle cloth is ready and waiting for diagonal Montenegrin practice!

Hope your week’s going well.



  1. The Snakes look good.
    The whole piece is looking great with all of the specialty stitched areas.
    I'm enjoying watching your progress.

  2. I can't see any issues with your piece at all, it looks amazing!

  3. Your trellis stitches are exquisite--something to aim for! I see no wonkiness at all. You should be so happy--and proud!

  4. Love watching this grow. Your stitches look wonderful! Such a gorgeous piece!