Tuesday, March 28, 2017

TUSAL March 2017

Need to find out what TUSAL means? Check Sharon’s It’s Daffycat blog. CLICK HERE for all the details.

Stitching this month was solely on Jane Turner, still working on Band 8. Got a fair amount accomplished, even though the ort pile is puny.

Now I’m going to cheat a bit. Most of this lunar month’s stitching was in trellis stitch, where you cannot end your thread within a row – only at one end or the other. So when there wasn’t enough thread for another row, I was cutting off several inches at least – far too much to consider an ort and certainly a lot of those bits will be used elsewhere in the sampler. So, here are my non-ort snippets.

The Silly Stitching Days Calendar has 9 check marks since the last TUSAL report. Too bad there aren’t more weekend days each month!

Now, how is Jane looking? First, a peek at the doodle cloth – practicing Montenegrin diagonally and then turning from that to horizontal stitching. Thank goodness for Amy Mitten’s autopsy book!! Also practiced switching back and forth between two colors.

Jane Turner, Band 8 – truly only a bit of progress since my last post.

Happy stitching, all!



  1. That's a great idea to practice the stitches first.
    Sometimes those scraps of thread come in handy for small motifs.
    Jane is looking great. Love those snakes. :)

  2. Huge progress and a smallish heap of ORTs. So many different stitches, I do not know half of them. I admire your patience for stitching things like this, and wow it's pretty.

  3. Your Jane Turner is certainly one of the most interesting samplers I've seen stitched, Deb! All of those different stitches add up to one amazing piece :)

  4. The doodle cloth is a great idea. Stitching anything diagonally is a challenge, particularly speciality stitches.

  5. Wonderful! You're so good with the doodle cloth. I'm very bad at doodling before trying. lol!

  6. wow doodle cloth is looking so pretty..i love it so much.
    i am your new follower from cucki stitching cove blog.
    love your sweet blog.
    smiles and blessings x

  7. Wow! This is looking so very amazing now!

  8. what a beautiful design and pretty stitching, just love it.