Saturday, April 22, 2017

Band 8, band 8!

Jane Turner’s band 8 is finished! (happydance!)

Well, it’s aactually been finished for about a week and a half – have done a bit of respite stitching on an easy project and am now back to working on Jane. Just didn’t have enough oomph to post. Someone else said something very similar in the last week and I really meant to comment…. I blame my lethargy on springtime!

Now I need to ask you all – when your chart and the photo of what you’re stitching disagree, which do you tend to follow? See the blue and the cream satin stitches filling in the links of that chain thing? Chart said all sections were to be blue but in the finished sampler in the photo provided with the kit, the stitcher definitely alternated the blue and cream.

The only photos I’ve been able to find of the original sampler don’t provide enough detail to let me know whether Jane used one color or two (aside: not really sure why I worry – periodically - about accurately reproducing what Jane did since I’ve changed several colors [one of them twice] and also elected to stitch one section so it fulfilled my penchant for symmetry rather than having the left and right sides be different colors). But considering the number of errors I’ve found in the chart, I decided to use both the blue and cream.

Okay, I’ll admit that I also thought it would look better if not all those bits were blue.



  1. Band 8 looks great.
    How many more bands?
    Enjoying seeing your progress on this piece.

  2. Wow so pretty
    Love and smiles x

  3. It is looking fabulous. I like the blue and cream you used. I go by picture at times.

  4. Personally I would usually follow the chart but if I preferred the cover photo I'd go for that! I like the alternating colours anyway on this design.

  5. Stunning!!!!
    I tend to go by the picture of the original when I can find one, otherwise I sometimes follow the directions and sometimes make an executive decision to do something else.

  6. Oh, that is amazing, Deb! I pretty much follow the photo (if I like it!) when there is a discrepancy. Thankfully, that doesn't happen often. I've noticed if a suggested overdyed thread doesn't match the photo on a chart, I will try to find one that does. After all, it was the photo that drew me to purchase it in the first place :)

    Spring lethargy here, too--just can't make myself post! It's been 3 weeks :(

  7. It looks great they way you stitched it! If I like the way the picture looks, I'll do that, otherwise I'll change it.

  8. Hi Deb,

    Lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting me.
    Your needlework is wonderful and love the colours - I tend to look at the picture, but I am sure if you prefer the other colour, go with it.
    Hope you are enjoying the week