Thursday, June 29, 2017


Yesterday I printed the two pictures of the Lady Band that were in my previous post *LINK*, from the stitched reproduction model and from Jane’s very own sampler. Printed 'em nice and big so I could refer to them while stitching (hey, the supplied picture doesn’t offer a lot of detail).

Uh oh.

TWO uh ohs.

The first one is annoying, but truly not terrible. Here’s a small bit of both the reproduction model and the original sampler, showing part of the band I finished last week. Picture’s fuzzy because I’ve blown it up so much, but it's easy enough to see the problem. Look at the green arrow on the snippet of my Jane below it. See that bit that I didn’t fill in, but *is* filled on the model and the original?

Guess what’s NOT in the (densely typed, poorly punctuated, very stream-of-consciousness, single paragraph for each band) instructions. Grumble. So ... that band was complete. And now it’s not.

And that really bugs me and makes me feel like I cheated in starting the next band (yeah, pretty dumb, right?).

The other issue makes me feel a bit ill. Look at my leaf the red arrow points to – see how the satin stitches are diagonal to the weave of the ground fabric? The instructions have nothing to say about what direction those stitches should go in, but before filling the first leaves way back in band 2, I looked and looked and looked at the supplied picture to try to figure it out. And it looked to me like those satin stitches went diagonally.

There are several leaves in the Lady Band that have narrower segments than ones I’ve already stitched – they're so skinny that I couldn't figure out how diagonal satin stitches would fit. So when I printed the pictures, I zoomed in really close to see how they were stitched.


Apparently ALL the leaves on the original - and the model - are filled with satin stitches that run vertically and horizontally, meeting at the center line of each leaf. You can see that in this picture from the model. It's harder to see on the original sampler, but those leaves the same.

I’m not tearing out the dozens of leaves I’ve stitched. Thought about it for maybe three seconds. Nope, not doing it. So now I’m back to trying to figure out how to stitch the leaves with the really narrow sections. Maybe the best thing is to change those four leaves a little bit so I could fill them in a way that matches the rest of my leaves?




  1. I definitely wouldn't restitch those leaves either!

  2. Repeat after me. It's an adaptation, not a reproduction. It's an adaptation, not a reproduction. It's an adaptation, not a reproduction. Repeat until you believe it and can move on.

  3. I wouldn't frog it either. But I might consider stitching the skinny leaves in the charted way. They are a different size so it won't matter if they are stitched differently too.